February 1, 2021

PPAP Documents have been updated, “F-247_6.xlsx” and Alto-Shaam PPAP Manual(POL-10).  Changes simplify the form and add conditional formatting to prevent errors. The PPAP Level will be identified in the Purchase Order notes. Please follow the Training PPAP Training instructions and use the new “F-247_6.xlsx”Form to avoid rework, as we will ask you to re-submit if the new Form or instructions are not followed. Click here to find the files

February 10, 2020

Dear Valued Supplier –

Many China-based manufacturers have extended Chinese New Year in an effort to control the spread of the Corona virus.  I’ve received varied status from manufacturers who have returned to production, delayed production, limited production etc.

Please proactively reach out to your manufacturing contacts and provide updates to the following questions.

1. Status of production (running, delayed, date returning to steady state…)

2. Alto-Shaam parts potentially affected

3. Inventory on hand at your facility

4. Plan to stock inventory in the US to cover future orders

It is imperative you provide an update today.  We need to communicate to our customers how they may be impacted.  Please do not hesitate to call your buyer with any questions, concerns etc.  Even if you do not have a complete picture, some information is better than none for us.

Thank you,

Tyler Rosenberg
Director - Purchasing and Materials

Desk: 262-509-6479

Mobile: 262-674-0577

September 2017 – Updated Carrier Instructions

Alto-Shaam has nominated OIA Global Logistics as our primary provide for all air and ocean freight imports into the US, exceeding 100kg.

Alto-Shaam OIA Global Logistics Letter

Strategic scorecard:

Velocity - PO date vs.Receipt Date has been replaced by Replenishment Lead-Time.  This metric is the average days required to ship after receipt of Alto-Shaam purchase order (or release).  The lead-time excludes transit time. 

The changes to the Strategic scorecard will be reflected in the Q1-2015 scorecard which will be issued in mid April.

We will continue to evaluate the supplier scorecard and the metrics used to insure that it accurately measures a supplier’s performance and that the scorecard continues to be a vital tool in driving continuous improvement within our supply base.  Please contact your Alto-Shaam purchasing representative if you should have any question.

Automatic Debit of Nonconforming Material

Effective April 1, 2014 Alto-Shaam will begin automatically issuing debits for nonconforming material that has a value of $100 or less - the material will not be returned to the supplier. The value will be based upon the quantity and value at the time the nonconformance has been identified. The purpose of this change is to reduce our time and cost associated with such low value nonconformance’s. Please contact your Alto-Shaam purchasing representative should you have any questions.